The corona prevention measures for our locations Hagaziekenhuis and medical centre Calandria stay the same regardless of the current lift of restrictions elsewhere. In order to protect our staff and potentially vulnerable clients, the following precautions and measures are still being followed in and around the waiting and treatment areas:


* Please wear a facemask.
* Please keep a distance of 1,5m to our staff.
* Attend your appointment alone or with your partner.
* Do not come too early or too late.
* Children and other family members are not allowed to accompany you to your appointments. No exceptions are made.


The following rules still apply as per usual:

* Please reschedule your appointment in case of coronarelated symptoms and get tested                                                                          * We do not shake hands.
* Please wash your hands regularly.
* Cover coughs and sneezes

Thank you for your understanding and coorperation.