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Congratulations on your pregnancy! This marks the start of a very special and exciting time. Your health insurer will compensate two ultrasound scans during the course of your pregnancy. At times, if medically required, extra ultrasound scans will be provided. Some of these required scans may include a growth check or a positioning scan in order to check the position of the baby shortly before your due date. You can visit our ultrasound centre for all these medical ultrasounds: Het Haagse Hof.

What is a medical ultrasound scan?

A medical ultrasound scan is a ultrasound performed by a health professional, conducted from a medical point of view. During the medical scans we will look at your baby’s heartbeat, the growth and any possible abnormalities. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy and the purpose of the ultrasound, this can be done either internally (vaginally) or externally (via the abdominal wall). You will be given the opportunity to watch along on a screen in the examination room and be given a few photographs to take home.

Additional medical ultrasounds and costs

During the course of your pregnancy, you will be offered two medical ultrasound scans: the dating scan at approximately 10 weeks and the anomaly scan at 19 weeks. Any additional ultrasound scans will only be covered by your health insurance provider if there is a medical indication for it. Would you like to have an extra look at your baby in 2D or 3D/4D without a medical indication? Then feel free to book an appointment for a non-medical, private ultrasound.

Medical ultrasound scans at Het Haagse Hof

We offer various different types of medical scans at our two centres:

Dating scan

Anomaly scan (20 week scan) Viability scan

During the dating scan we will have a close look at the timeline of your pregnancy. Your definite due date will be established.

This 2D scan will be conducted around the 10th week of your pregnancy.

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During the anomaly scan, which takes place at around your 19th pregnancy week, we will examine if there are any possible structural abnormalities in the baby.  We will further look at the growth and will be able to tell you the gender, should you wish to know. This is a 2D scan. 

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Should there be any concerns during the early stages of your pregnancy, the viability scan will be offered. This 2D echo is conducted mostly internal and takes place between the 7th and 10th week of your pregnancy. 

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Growth scan

Placenta scan

Positioning  scan

The growth scan helps us determine the baby's growth. This will be conducted on request of your midwife. 

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If you had a low-lying placenta during your 20week anomaly scan you will most likely be referred for a placenta scan at a later stage of your pregnancy. 

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Should there be any concerns over the position of the baby after the 35th pregnancy week you will be referred for a positioning scan. We will determine the position of the baby during this ultrasound scan. 

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13 week scan

The 13 week anomaly scan is a medical examination to determine if there are any serious physical abnormalities early on in the pregnancy. 

This ultrasound is part of a scientific study in which you can participate after having had a counsiling session with your midwife. 

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Our team are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our centrally located centres in The Hague. Please note that you will need a referral from your GP or midwife for a medical ultrasound scan. Book your appointment now. 


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