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Determining your baby’s position

From week 32 on, the most stable position for your baby is to lie with head down. Most babies will therefore spontaneously turn to this position between weeks 32 and 36. Your midwife or gynaecologist will do an external examination to determine how your baby is positioned. Is there any doubt around week 35? Then you’ll be referred for a positioning ultrasound scan as it is important to know the exact position before going into labour.

When will the positioning ultrasound be conducted?

Your midwife or gynaecologist will first conduct an external examination to find out how your baby is positioned. We will only conduct the positioning ultrasound scan if there is any doubt about your baby’s position around week 35 of your pregnancy. This will generally be an external ultrasound. We recommend not bringing any children along to your appointment. This will make the appointment a great deal more calm for you. You can find more tips for your appointment at our ultrasound centre.

What do we look for during the positioning ultrasound?

We will start off by looking at your baby’s exact position inside the womb. We will also assess a number of other things. For example:

  • if the your baby is developing and growing well
  • How much amniotic fluid is present

Costs and reimbursement for the positioning ultrasound

There are no costs associated with the positioning ultrasound scan if there is a medical indication for the procedure. This means a referral is required. This ultrasound will subsequently be covered by the health insurer as part of your the basic health package. The placenta localisation is in 2D and takes approximately 15 minutes. You will be given 2 black/white photographs afterwards. Would you like to see your little one in 3D/4D? Then do take a moment to read all about our non-medical scans.

Would you like to have your positioning ultrasound done in The Hague? Book an appointment now

Our staff at Het Haagse Hof look forward to welcoming you to one of the two centrally located centres in The Hague. You can meet your baby in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Please keep in mind that you will need a referral for the positioning ultrasound scan. Book an appointment now.


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