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A sneak peek during your pregnancy

In the Netherlands you will currently be offered two medical ultrasound scans during the course of your pregnancy. These scans will be done around the 10th and 19th week of your pregnancy. This means that there is also a long period of time in which you don’t see your unborn child. It can therefore be very reassuring, and certainly fun, to arrange for an extra ultrasound. The 2D non-medical, privately booked ultrasound in own of our ultrasound centres offers a great solution to this.

2D ultrasound with black/white photographs

You can arrange for this non-medical, private ultrasound from the 12th week right until the end of your pregnancy. It’s a simple 2D ultrasound, during which we will take some photographs. This type of ultrasound will allow us to check the heartbeat and offers the opportunity to see your baby’s movements.


Would you like to gain an even clearer image? Then read up about our 3D/4D ultrasounds.


Costs for interim 2D ultrasound

Conducting a two-dimensional ultrasound is possible throughout your entire pregnancy, starting from approximately 7 weeks. Following the early ultrasound, we can offer extra 2D scans from the 12th week onwards. This ultrasound will take approximately 15 minutes and costs € 40.00, including 3 black/white photographs. You can also have the images on a USB stick for an additional € 2.50. The non-medical ultrasound may not always be successful, possibly because your baby is not in an optimal position. It goes without saying our sonographers will always do their utmost to realise a successful non-medical 2D ultrasound scan.

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