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Confirmation of your pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is the start of a very special and exciting time. At the same time it may feel like a somewhat disconcerting time, as you may not yet be able to feel your baby’s movements and you probably won’t have a noticeable bump yet. To assist you through this wonderfully nerve-racking time of perceived uncertainty we are offering an early ultrasound scan. This non-medical, private ultrasound scan is purely for your own peace of mind and enjoyment, as you may feel:

  • you just want confirmation that you really are pregnant
  • you may be worried about a potential miscarriage
  • or you simply want to take a sneak peek at the new life developing

Early ultrasound without a referral

The early ultrasound is also referred to as the 7 week ultrasound scan, as this is the earliest point you can see (and hear) the heartbeat of your unborn baby. Please note however, that the early ultrasound can only be conducted until you are 12 weeks pregnant. You do not need a referral from your midwife for this ultrasound. Please note, however, that the non-medical, privately booked, scan may not always reach the desired result as your baby may possibly not be in an optimal position. Please rest assured that our sonographers will do their utmost to perform a successful scan.

The early ultrasound: what does it involve?

This non-medical, private ultrasound scan takes approximately 15 minutes during which you can watch. This ultrasound may be taken either externally or internally, depending on the position of the foetus. This scan will give you the opportunity to hear the baby’s heartbeat, provide clarity as to whether you are expecting multiples, and show us in case there are any early complications in the position of the pregnancy. The initial months of your pregnancy are the most vulnerable and the risk of a miscarriage is significantly reduced from week 12 onwards. A healthy heartbeat in early pregnancy can therefore provide with the assurance you may desire. The early ultrasound scan won’t have any impact on your pregnancy neither will it change the outcome.


Early ultrasound costs

We would like to offer you this early ultrasound scan at the price of €40,- (incl. VAT). The ultrasound is in 2D and takes approximately 15 minutes. At the end of your appointment you will be given 2 black/white photos of your little one. You can also receive the images on a USB stick for an additional € 2.50.

An early ultrasound in The Hague? Book your appointment now

Our staff at Het Haagse Hof look forward to welcoming you to one of the two centrally located centres in The Hague where we offer you the possibility to meet your baby in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Why not book an appointment now to enjoy an early ultrasound.

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