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Het Haagse Hof is an initiative by Stichting STBN in collaboration with the bellow-mentioned midwifery practices in The Hague. We offer both medical and non-medical ultrasound scans at our two centres. For medical ultrasounds we require a referral from a midwife or gynaecologist. Would you, however, like to plan a non-medical, private ultrasound? Then please feel free to book a referral-free appointment at your convenience via our online booking system.

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Collaboration between midwives in The Hague

The following midwifery practices are currently referring patients to our ultrasound centre:

Collaboration between hospitals in The Hague

It is in the best interest of our pregnant clients to ensure we, as an ultrasound centre, have good working relationships with both midwives and gynaecologists. Unfortunately, at times, we may find an abnormality during an ultrasound. We will discuss this with the expectant mum and the midwife. If a referral for further examinations in the hospital is required we will ensure a smooth transition. Effective communication is key and optimal exchange of information (ultrasound images, measurements and results) are our top priority. It is important for us to ensure that we don’t put any unnecessary burden on the expectant mothers. Our ultrasound centre will further also receives information back from the hospital, allowing us to learn from any possible follow-up examinations. We continue to hold regular consultations regarding the processes and communication for quality purposes.

We refer to:

Collaboration with Stichting STBN

Het Haagse Hof is an initiative by Stichting STBN in collaboration with our midwifery practices in The Hague.

STBN is committed to the healthy organisation of maternity care in the Netherlands. We help our partners with smart organisation as an enterprising consultancy and project organisation. We like to think along with everyone who wants the best where maternity care is concerned.

STBN is a non-profit foundation. Innovation is a key concept for STBN. We closely monitor developments in maternity care, help turn plans into concrete actions, stimulate innovation, provide advice and participate with new care concepts. We dare to stick our neck out with our partners for a good idea.

STBN provides maternity care professionals with advice regarding collaboration and innovation and specialises in establishing ideals in care concepts which work.

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Our staff at Het Haagse Hof look forward to welcoming you to one of the two centrally located cliniques in The Hague. We provide you with the opportunity to meet your unborn baby in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Book an appointment now.

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