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Het Haagse Hof has a team of professional sonographers at its disposal. They have acquired many years of experience in this field, both for medical and non-medical ultrasounds. Feel free to come in and meet us in person! 

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Deborah Maks - Sonographer  

My name is Deborah and I come from North Holland. I have very much enjoyed working as a sonographer for the STBN since 2010. A fantastic and challenging profession, which allows me to show expectant parents their child and conduct expert screening. Guiding and informing pregnant ladies gives me a great deal of satisfaction. You won’t just see me at Het Haagse Hof, but also at, for example, the SAM screening centre. I am specifically involved with quality matters there.

Liesbeth Schutte - Sonographer

My name is Liesbeth, I am a mum to three children myself, who have now all left home. I took a few years off after working as a midwife in The Hague for 12 years. I decided to complete a sonography course, which turned out to be an excellent choice. I think the personal contact with the expectant mum and her partner are incredibly important. Every ultrasound is unique, which means I still find every single one fascinating.

Klaartje Bakkeren - Sonographer

My name is Klaartje, proud mum of four children. I previously worked as a midwife for many years, but that proved to be quite difficult to combine with my family. I started training as an obstetric sonographer and now do this job every day with a huge amount of pleasure. I also teach at the Hogeschool in Rotterdam. It may seem fairly easy, but getting a good image of a baby demands plenty of practice. It goes without saying we always do our very best for the expectant parents and usually we’re quite successful.

Fijke-Frouk Smeding - Sonographer

My name is Fijke-Frouk, I was born and bred in Friesland and am a mum of two children. I felt sonography seemed like a great addition after completing my course to become a midwife. It’s simply amazing to see the wonder, amazement and emotions when parents get to see their unborn child. The gratitude and enthusiasm expressed by the parents when they see the gorgeous images of their baby, that’s what I do it for! 

Hanny  Schot - Assistant

My name is Hanny, I am married, I have a daughter and, certainly quite important too, a dog. I feel very fortunate to be around expectant mums at Het Haagse Hof and I have been working here since December 2017. Before this time I was working at an ultrasound centre in Rotterdam. We’ve got a great team here and the personal contact and sometimes laughter with the clients certainly makes my job a great deal of fun.