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Quality Policy

Het Haagse Hof always puts quality at the very top of its list of priorities. Our policy ensures this quality is always maintained when offering medical and non-medical ultrasounds. We have drawn up a number of quality requirements for this purpose. Please contact Akke Buursma, Het Haagse Hof’s Centre Manager, with any questions regarding our quality policy or service. View our contact details.

Our sonographers’ quality requirements

In order to guarantee the quality of the ultrasounds, we will always set a number of requirements where our sonographers are concerned:

  • The sonographers are qualified and competent in measuring the foetus’ biometrics.
  • Reporting and archiving is done digitally. The values are entered in Astraia graphs. 
  • We use the Verburg growth curve. The measured results are also provided in percentiles. We print out the percentile curve from Astraia and add it to the result letter.   

Het Haagse Hof works in accordance with national guidelines. Download the RIVM’s PDF file here for more information.

Het Haagse Hof ultrasound centre quality requirements

In addition to guaranteeing the quality of our sonographers, the ultrasound centre itself, as well as the protocols we work with, are important quality aspects too. We have therefore set the following quality requirements, which Het Haagse Hof meets:

  1. The national protocols for prenatal screening are leading. Sonographers are aware of this and follow the necessary developments in this area. Sonographers are aware of the guidelines and protocols in place and where these can be found (on the internet). Responsible parties: Centre Manager and Senior Sonographer. 
  2. The WKKGZ quality requirements relevant to ultrasound centres are followed. These have been incorporated in procedures and guidelines from the Stichting STBN, our umbrella foundation. The employees are familiar with, and know where to find, these procedures and guidelines. The Operations Manager supervises the implementation of these. The Centre Managers and Senior Sonographers execute these.     
    • Complaints Procedure
    • Guidelines for unintended events
    • Procedure for customer satisfaction survey
  3. The following centre-specific protocols have been put in place per centre and the employees are familiar with these and know where to find them. Responsible parties: Centre Manager and Senior Sonographer. 
    • Referral protocols, established in consultation with the referrers:
      • from referrer/applicant to centre   
      • from specifics to second or third line
    • SUE working method and Combination Test (how do all the procedures work, who does what and when and who communicates what and when?)
    • Counselling protocol (if applicable)
    • Follow-up procedure
  4. All sonographers always have the most up to date information at their disposal. The centre-specific protocols have been extensively discussed with the sonographers and can be consulted digitally. Responsible party: Centre Manager and Senior Sonographer.   
  5. The internal quality assurance is coordinated by the STBN’s Operations Manager and executed by the Senior Sonographer in close collaboration with the Centre Manager. Final responsibility lies with the Operations Manager. 
  6. Quality assurance and monitoring is done in collaboration with the relevant parties. The centres’ sonographers use the licence holder’s offering (for example, image assessment, hands-on training).    The Centre Manager and Senior Sonographer partly coordinate the annual quality plan with the licence holder’s offering.   
  7. The centres work with application forms which satisfy the legal requirements and regional agreements. Responsible parties: Centre Manager and Senior Sonographer.   
  8. The centres have a pathology map or digital file (Astraia) at their disposal, in which all specifics are recorded. Data can be traced back to the relevant examination by the relevant sonographer. Responsible parties:  Centre Manager and Senior Sonographer.  
  9. The previous year’s annual quality plan is evaluated with the team’s sonographers every year and updated for the year ahead. The Centre Manager and Senior Sonographer are responsible for this. This annual plan must be established by the steering committee. The corresponding budget is submitted by the Operations Manager. 
  10. Every sonographer will maintain their own individual portfolio. The statistical data for this is provided by the Centre Manager every year. The statistical data can be used by the Senior Sonographers for hands-on training.   
  11. Every sonographer must subscribe to the RIVM’s digital newsletter and will regularly stay informed of any new publications on the RIVM’s website and the regional licence holder in relation to prenatal screening. The information route for major national developments runs through the responsible Senior Sonographer. He/she keeps up with major national developments and will communicate these with the teams.   
  12. Sonographers complete further training and satisfy the additional training requirements set by the RIVM. This is each sonographer’s own individual responsibility. The Centre Manager annually monitors the compliance with these requirements.   
  13. The centre actively collects follow-up data and presents its activities, results, survey and complaint data in an annual quality report. Responsible party: Centre Managers.

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