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Determining your due date

The dating scan is an ultrasound scan carried out at around 10 weeks of pregnancy, which is used to work out your due date. It's likely to be the first time you see your baby and hear their heartbeat. 

During the course of your pregnancy you will be offered two standard medical scans, one of which is the dating scan. The ultrasound's main purpose is to determine the gestational age of your unborn baby. 

When is the dating scan conducted?

As mentioned above, the dating scan will be performed around your 10th pregnancy week. If you are less far along we are likely to examine the baby by using an internal scan. We recommend coming in with a full bladder and leaving any other children you may have at home. This is recommended as this will provide you with a calmer atmosphere and because possible bad news may be very upsetting to young children. Please view further tips for your appointment under the following link. 

What do we examine during your dating scan?

The main purpose of the dating scan is to determine the length of your pregnancy and find the accurate due date. However, there are a few other important elements that we consider during this scan, namely: 

  • Is the heart beating healthily?
  • Length of the pregnancy
  • Are you pregnant with one healthy baby or could there be multiples?
  • Is the pregnancy running a healthy course?

Costs and compensation of the dating scan

There are no costs associated with the dating scan. This medical ultrasound will be covered by your helath care insurer and paid for from within your basic health care package. The dating scan is in 2D and takes approximately 15min. You will be given 2 black/white pictures at the the end to take home with you. Would you like to spend some extra time seeing your baby? Read everything about our non-medical, privately booked scans

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The members of our team are happy to welcome you to one of our centrally located centres in The Hague. Have a sneak peek at your little one in a a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Please note, for the dating scan you require a referral from your midwife of GP. Book your appointment now. 

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