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Checking on your little one’s growth and development

Now that your pregnancy is a little more advanced you will have noticed your bump growing. By now, you may even be able to feel the baby move. You already had the opportunity to see your unborn child during the dating and the 20 week ultrasound scan. However, now during your regular check-up, your midwife or gynaecologist may have come to the conclusion that your baby is growing slightly too fast, or might have a bit of a growth delay. You will then be referred for a growth scan.

When will the growth ultrasound take place?

Growth scans can be done between the 22nd and 40th week. The midwife or gynaecologist will decide when this is needed. Wherever possible please try to come in with a full bladder. You can find more tips for your appointment at our ultrasound centre.

What do we look for during the growth scan?

The growth ultrasound scan is all about looking at how your unborn child is developing at the later stages of your pregnancy.

During the session we will take careful measurements of the head circumference, the abdominal circumference and the length of the thigh bone. These measurements are indicative for your child’s growth when compared to the average child, at the same gestational age. We also measure the amount of amniotic fluid and will examine the placenta. This will help us to find out whether your child is growing too fast or too slowly. At the midwife’s or gynaecologist’s request we can conduct several growth scans during your pregnancy. This will allow us to acquire an accurate image of the growth.

Growth ultrasound: what happens next?

There will be no abnormal findings for the majority of women who have an ultrasound to assess their baby’s growth. However, should this nonetheless be the case, you will receive further assistance and advice from your midwife or gynaecologist.

Costs and reimbursement for the growth ultrasound

There are no costs associated with the growth scan, as these can only be done for medical purposes. This means a referral is always required. This ultrasound will subsequently be paid for by the health insurer from the basic package. The growth scan is in 2D and takes approximately 15 minutes. You will be given 2 black/white photographs afterwards. Would you like to see your little one in 3D/4D? Then please have a look at our private ultrasound scans.

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