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Congratulations on your pregnancy! This marks the start of a very special and exciting time. Slowly but surely your bump will now start to grow and you’ll be able to feel your baby’s movements. However, you still have to wait a little while longer until you can finally hold your bundle of joy. To make the wait easier we are offering you the possibility to take a peek in the meantime through our non-medical, privately booked, ultrasound scans.

What is a non-medical, private ultrasound?

A non-medical, privately booked ultrasound scan is a professional ultrasound, but one which is purely organised for your enjoyment. We will not be actively looking for abnormalities, as we do during the medical ultrasounds. (Obviously, we will bring to your attention and discuss any abnormalities should we come across any.) You can admire your unborn child during the non-medical scans and you can invite a few dear ones to join you for this experience (corona regulations apply). The sonographer will place the ultrasound transducer on your abdomen and explain what you see. After your examination you will be given a few photographs and/or a USB stick, so you can continue to enjoy the images at home.

A good feeling and gender determination thanks to the non-medical, privately booked ultrasound

During the course of your pregnancy you will currently be offered two medical ultrasounds. Any additional scans will only be offered if there is a medical indication for doing so. However, perhaps you are feeling a hint of uncertainty about your pregnancy in its early stages. Or maybe you would simply like to have another look at your baby during the later stages of your pregnancy.

What makes a non-medical, private ultrasound so enjoyable?

  • You can already admire your baby from your 7th pregnancy week
  • You can find out your baby’s gender from the 15th pregnancy week onward
  • With the help of a 3D/4D scan you can get a clear picture of your child, in colour
  • You are welcome to bring a few people with you (corona safety measures apply)
  • Confirmation that you are really expecting, as and when you need it

When is a non-medical ultrasound possible?

A non-medical ultrasound scan can be performed throughout your entire pregnancy. We can acquire a good image of your baby from 7 weeks onwards and from the 12th week on your baby’s features will be clearly visible. The baby will be bigger and fuller after 22 weeks, at which point a 3D/4D ultrasound is also suitable. We recommend conducting scan no later than the 30est week. A non-medical scan is still possible after this pregnancy week, but you will only be able to see parts of your unborn child, depending on his/her position. Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, like the foetal position, a non-medical, private ultrasound may not always be successful. You ca, however, rest assured that our sonographers will always do their utmost to realise a successful scan.

 We offer various different types of non-medical, private ultrasound scans at our two centres:


Early scan  Gender determination scan 2D scan

An early non-medical ultrasound in 2D (flat photographs), possible between weeks 7 and 12 of your pregnancy. You will receive two black/white photos to take home. 

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We can do this 2D ultrasound from 15 weeks. You will receive two black/white photos to take home and a gender balloon. 

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A 2D ultrasound after 12 weeks of pregnancy. You will receive 4 black/white photos to take home. 

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3D/4D scan

You will see still and moving images with depth. This is possible throughout your entire pregnancy, but you will get the best view of your baby between 24 and 30 weeks.

You will receive 4 black/white photos and a USB stick to take home. 

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Promotion: Iris Pack

If you opt for gender determination and a 3D/4D ultrasound, you will only pay 120 euro instead of the usual 140 euro. You can order this online now. 

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Gift vouchers

You can also give (part of) a private ultrasound to someone as a gift. A great gift idea for a friend, colleague or family member. Choose a voucher for the amount of a specific ultrasound, or a smaller amount is possible too.   

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What do non-medical, private ultrasounds cost?

A non-medical scan is performed for your own enjoyment. There is no medical indication, which means your health insurer will cover the incurred costs. We would gladly provide you with a clear overview of the costs associated with our non-medical, private ultrasounds.


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